Saturday, September 11, 2010

white caftan

HIiiiiiii girlsssss
misssss u so mucchhh!!
first of all i want to wish all my muslim friends

How's your baju raya?
Hope you girls did find something that you really
love and unique for this year....heheh

this year i chose white caftan ,
just to be plain and simple...
but somehow i did find it tooooooo simple..

tooooooo simple kannn...

so, i thought of fancy it up with beads or something
but i cant think the simple way to do it
( i wanted to wear it with tradional malay necklace, but its beyond my budget..huhu)
one day, as i walk at the flea market@the Curve
i found this earing that looks traditional to me and its only for RM19

the earings

and taraaaaaaa the idea came..

so, i took my sewing kit and start sewing

and taraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....

my brand new caftan.....

ok tak?

k girls,
selamat hari raya