Sunday, March 28, 2010

Graduation Trip!! 卒業旅行

Graduation Trip is here!

I`m off to DUBAI and GREECE tonight
till 7th April
with my beloved dad :)
tq tq for everythinggggggggg!

so im gonna see u girls in 2 weeks times


Friday, March 26, 2010

Polkadots n daim choc

polkdots pink top : ZARA
blue dress : Forever 21
wedges shoes : esperanza
key necklace : harajuku street
red hairband : Harajuku street

key to your heart :p

i met lela today for lunch at ikea
meatballs + brocolli + daim choc cake = GEMUK haha
its been 6 months since our last meeting
as usual gossiping is what we good at :)
to my other cjantung hati..lets gather...miss u girls

my saki-baki daim choc cake :0

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My sayangsssss

lace navy blue top : orion street, japan
jeans : uniqlo
pumps : nanba street
purse : nose
hairband : Forever 21
bracelet : Forever 21

jiran sebelah taman :)

me , mot n juju
missing : liyana, liz n izyan

minah bunga n si hidung kembang

Yeayyyy... i met my sayangsss today at the Curve
we laughed (perut joke..haha) + gossiped and cam whoring
juju n i went to little penang cafe for our dinner
i had assam laksa n super delicious cendol
since im too hungry i totally forgot to take my food pics
mot joined us after that..she rushed from her office
just to meet us here..tqqqq darlinggggg :)
then we decided to have our coffee time at the Garden
and continued our girly session..hheheh

really had blast tonight..tq girls
we didnt stay until midnight cuz my girls have work tomorrow.
but for me,i can still golek2 lagi..heheh

p/s to ms.liz yg masuk hutan, dr.liyana yg bz like a bee
n izyan kun yg belum smpi2 msia...cepat2 ketemuan yeaaa..rindu bangats!

Chillaxing at blossom

white stripes top : Uniqlo Japan
Skirt : earth n music
necklace :harajuku street,japan
hairclip : forever 21
rawwww pumps : nanba street,japan
red handbag : Harrods

Hi girls
its already been 4 days since i touched Malaysia
so far nothing much happened except for
the hot sunny + petir tiba2 weather n heavenly delicious foods..hehe

today i teman-ing my elder sis to her office at shah alam
n we dropped by at `the old blossom box store` n borong like 4 items :)
its so AFFORDABLE and all the clothes are super cute!
even the owner jasmine is cute too!!
check her blog via my link at the right side,jezmine blossom

everything in her shop are vintage yet trendy
together with the cute decoration and soft music playing while u shopping

me n jesmine at her boutique

very cute paper bag ^o^
iwill show u what i purchased today
at my next post

see u next time


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Graduation Day

I've graduated!!!
Yesssss..5 years in japan really thought me new life n experiences
As u can see we didnt wear robe like u all always did
instead we wore 'hakama' a combination between kimono n long skirt
its sad for me to leave japan because
its been part of my adult teenager life
goodbye to 5 years dream n lets the reality begin..huhu (menci)
nway im back already in my home sweet home, kota damansara
to my long lost friends, do contact me via email to get my newphone number
i misssssssssss u girlssssssssssss

n this is my degree ;)

during graduation ceromony
can u see our beautiful malaysia flag there
really proud of it !!

me n my beautiful japanese friend ;)

more pictures at my facebook

p/s next post : my DIY project!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Spinning n twirling makes me dizzy *__*

Floral print dress : Vintage
Green stripes pumps : unbranded
socks : tutuanna
hairband : Forever 21
Black Satin glove : Forever 21

my first vintage floral prints dress
i bought it for only 400yen (16rm) at vintage boutique
the combination between pink+green+blue colors
really captured my eyes :)
and combined it with my green stripes pumps
(fashion said that flower+stripes combo are so IN right now) i just tried it out
nway this is my last week in japan
n im so thrill to get back home to face the reality
as much i love japan, malaysia is still in my heart
*chewah chewah* (craving msian foods je semanya :p)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Gypsy girl lost in snow

Maxi dress -unbranded
Pink floral cardigan - Forever 21
Hairclip - Forever 21
Boots - unbranded

i`m actually standing in the middle of sawah padi
which totally covered with snow
spectacular view n i really love it :)
gonna miss this 4 seasons country

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nippon Vacation

Hi back from my spring vacation
We really had a blast exploring kobe,osaka n kyoto in this cold weather!
its supposed to be my late mom n dad honeymoon vacation
since mama passed away last august, ayah decided
for all of us had this vacation together..
i love my family n tq for coming guys :)

p.s we shopped alot!! like realllyyyyyy alot!!
5 days of shopping spree..awesomee!hehe
i purchased few tops,shoes n pants...
will show them on my next post :)

I already start packing all my clothes n stuffs to send
back to Malaysia, n now i keep wearing the same outfit
again n maybe no 'what i wear today' post in this time around :( huhu
cant wait to step my feet in hot sunny country next week!
(im gonna miss japan badly... 5 years in japan is not enough!!)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring Holiday !

My family are coming tomorrow
Cuti-cuti Japan bermula!!
see u girls in few weeks time :)