Sunday, February 28, 2010

DIY Kelas Menjahit Lace

Hi girls..I`ve been so productive these day,
instead chillaxing n doing nothing, i`m sewing!! haha
Its spring now n i noticed that LACE is back !
so instead me purchasing new clothes
im thinking why dont i do it myself..maka jimat la duit saya
so, let me show u how to DIY lace on your favourite clothes ;)

green cardigan : ZARA TRF

ok this is my favourite cardigan n
im thinking give it a little bit of my magical touch..haha

1) mula-mula yea kawan-kawan,
apa yang anda perlukan adalah lace kesukaan anda
benang, jarum dan
baju yang anda mahu berikan keajaiban pegang? (magical touch) :p

2) then, cucuk lace dengan jarum peniti so
lace tak gerak2 n senang u all nak jahit

3)lastly, jahit lace all da way smpi abih
if u have sewing machine, then lagi cantik n kemas
i dont have one n i dont know how to use it either
**penat i menjahit tangan nyah**


n taraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..done!

so what do u think? ok x?
i buat my lace extra i leh ikat n mcm ada ribbon kat situ :))

sekian,tamat sudah kelas menjahit lace
selamat mencuba

happy monday everyone


Saturday, February 27, 2010

stripes , sakura & mascara ku

Red n grey stripes - GAP
orange skirt - earth and music
hosiery - tutanna
oxford boots - Lepsim

Hai girls...Happy Saturday!!
went out with my lovely girls, shopping n relaxing
**soul therapy perhaps..hehhe**
nothing much today n no idea what to wear
because i already start packing my `lautan clothes/shoes/bags`
to send home, Malaysia

owh ya..i really love this Magnum Volume Mascara from Maybelline
i used to wear this branded mascara (brand dirahsiakan :p)
but i must say this Maybelline mascara really
make my lash longer n more volume!
i`m not a fan before but right now maybe i`m gonna change
my mascara to this brand forever
plus its soooooooooo much cheaper than the other brand
i used to more hole in my pocket :)))

oh n for lipstick n eyeliner..i still love M.A.C
im wearing `half n half` by M.AC in this picture

**thou tutup mata pun still `terangkat` bulu mata..haha**

sakura frappucino n sakura cake
from starbux..they said its limited only in Japan
not to sweet n rasanyer seperti anda sedang
berada di awan-awangan or like
duduk di bawah pokok sakura sambil berangan n menikmati
keindahan sakura gitu..hahahha what i mean..
mcm tu la kesedepannya :))
but guys said they dont like it because rasanyer
like `rasa perempuan`..hmmmm..apakah? hahahha

k dats all for now
happy weekend :))


Thursday, February 25, 2010

First day of spring with harem pants

Harem pants - earth n music
green blazer- GAP
polka dots shirt -vintage
shoes - esperanza

I watched news and they said that today is the first day of spring
weeeeeeeeeee...but as much as i love spring,
i will get running nose n sneeze every morning due to kafunsho(hay fever)
but its ok, i love warm+cold weather like today (19 degree)
owh i just got my harem pants pair it with my favourite green blazer
n polka dot shirt :)

p/s i dah reti gulung2 rmbut sendiri..yeaaaaaa
thx to youtube:)))


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Seriously big red ribbon!

Red Ribbon - 100yen shop
Grey Cardigan -Eclan
shorts - earth and music
top - Spray
beige boots - Forever 21

its my lovely petite junior, izyan`s surprise birthday party tonight
8 of us had dinner at this super nice Italian Restaurant
another bloated day for me..i think i gain kilos within this 3 days
(3 farewell n bday party)
i will upload more pics at my facebook :)
( fb friends view only..ごめんね友達限り)
**semanya i malas nk upload byk2 kat sini**peace**

izyan with her big ribbon n surprise dessert
**izyan thanks yea kasi i ur super big ribbon..suka2**

me with seriously big red ribbon on my head..:))

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lovely Farewell

Floral print dress - Forever 21
red jacket - vintage
red boots - esperanza

last saturday was my last day at my part time job
and i had a very warm lovely farewell from my officemates
its was two days on a row i ate a big portion of foods!!
n im so bloated right now...heaven foods :)

chemi n i went again to our favourite quiche restaurant, mone
for my 2nd farewell/girls night out.
then we went for a movie (Valentines Day)

maya n chiemi played with their super big nan

Farewell party at indian restaurant

warm lovely messages from my officemates..thanks :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tailored pants n vest

Vest - Honeys
Beige blouse - earth and music
Favourite grey boots - Forever 21

Its my second last day at my part time job
and i wanna have a bussiness casual look
so i decided to wear my tailored pants that i bought 6 years ago!!
im so suprised because i still can fit it..weeeeeee :p
tips : whenever you wearing your tailored pants
make sure your top is fitting :)

3 simple steps to change ur pants look

1. If your pants is quite long like mine
and its totally cover up your favourite shoes....

2. So instead u cut it, just tied it with hairband
as seen in the picture above

3. lastly, rolled inside to cover the hairband
and taraaaaaaaa...done!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

love love tutu

Blouse - H&M
Tutu skirt - earth and music
bright neon blue tights - received frm GFF, juwita
bracelet - Forever 21
black wedges - Forever 21

this is my first tutu..n i love it!!!(thou cik bf dont like it)
i pair it with my bright neon blue thights..hehe
i bought my H&M blouse 1000yen(RM40)
when H&M Harajuku had their insanely new year sale!!!
whenever i wear my tutu
i feel like im a ballerina n can dance freely:p

have a good day everyone

Monday, February 15, 2010

OMG -oh my GUCCI!! i kena buli

Do u still remember your favourite purple dinasour, Barney?
ok now, compare Barney to this Pink dinasour,Geora
comellllllllllllll kan...

i know u will say its cute because...
i`m in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

apparently i had to be Geora for one whole day
for Valentine Day at my part time job
what an experience...
of course all kids loved me!!
**ha... jangan gelak lebih2..u all pernah ke rasa jadi dinasour....:P**
maybe i can be trendsetter for dinasour fashion
in future...heheheh

**tetap buat2 maintain kan muka thou dah jadi dinasour..haha** latest wall decoration for spring at GEOS

thats all!
** k k!!! stop laughing people**

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Me in next 5 years?

photographed by : haris ghazalli

green blouse - Forever 21
yellow skirt - earth n music
handbag - vintage
shoes- esperanza
belt -Forever 21

with nana chan!
she is so adorable :D the moment i hold her i had a vision
of me in next 5 years! hahahhah..
can i still pampere myself with kids around..hahah
**p/s cik bf, pressure shinai de ne..huhu**

with my favourite "OLE" junior..heheh OLEEEEE**

to juniors : thanks for last night farewell party..
i totally enjoyed myself last night!!