Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another Lucky Day :)

black dress : unbranded
accessories : Forever 21

My lucky day started around 2pm when my sister and i
received a call from my dad that we're going to
Siti Nurhaliza n Kris Dayanti showcase dinner!! weee

I heard that the cheapest ticket was 365Rm and its happened
that my dad's company was one of the major sponsor
and thats why he got 2 extra ticket for both of us....(LUCKY NO 1) ticket :)))))

At first my sis n i had to sit separately from my dad because
of course he had to with others VIP and our table were like far behind.
All we can see were people in front of us and t iny tiny Siti n KD

Then my dad called n said there were 2 extra chairs
at the VIP table!! weeeeeeee..

see...sangat2 dekat ngn stage :)) (LUCKY no 2)

As usual their performance were amazing!!
i must admit Siti n KD have really great voice

after the show end, we got backstage passes
to meet KD n Siti (LUCKY no 3)


i won lucky draw too!! (LUCKY no 4)
i received perfume set from Lanvin Paris...thank you!!
(other lucky draw winner won Rizalman dress
and Rafflesia necklace each worth 5k!!!! huuuuu jealoussss)

really enjoyed my night
thankssss ayah :)))))


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Secret Garden

blue jeans top : H&M dubai
skirt : earth n music
scarf : nanba street,japan

Can you believe it, since i got back home from Japan
this is my first time playing around at this secret garden
the reason is :

if u forgot to bring shieldtox or "lingkaran nyamuk"
before u chilling out....ha ha u will scratch all over.hehhe

but apart of that, i love love my secret garden
because we can do bbq, play badminton, or make my
garden wedding dream come true...wahahahahhahaha :p;p

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Seduction Color

shocking pink top : old blossom box
pencil skirt : ZARA
do you think this shocking pink color
will bring luck for my interview this friday? haha
nahhhh.. i dont think so im gonna wear this..too much of seduction i guess :P
bought this top at jazmine blossom last week
n i fell in love with this color the moment i saw it
plus the ribbon and cut off sleeve to give an extra 'gaga' effect to this top..hehe
ohh... please vote:
a) put my hair into bun
b) or let down my hair?

and i just bought this help book..heheheheh

ok now..its time for me to study and learn more
about this "steel nippon" company...tadaaaaa

love ,

p/s : sooo happy because i still can fit into my pencil skirt
*i thought dah bunnnnnciiitt cuz ate too much char kuew teow..hehe**

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Quote of the day

totally AGREE!!
yes, u dont have to dress up just to impress other people
but i think the most important is to impress YOURSELF first
and if you think what your wear is really YOU
dont bother what other people said
like Oprah said love yourself first
who cares what other people think
and remember this : Everyone is Beautiful (^o^)/
be creative , be YOU

Friday, April 16, 2010

Bored ~_~

pink ice-cream tshirt : ZARA trf
bracelets : Forever 21

today i'm so bored n got nothing to do
and these what i did for today:
1)woke up and there were nothing to eat n straight away
went to buy nasi lemak soya sotong..heaven~~
2)mr bf. promised to pick me up around 3.30pm for tea
but he was like 1.5 hours late due to heavy traffic at MRR2
3)i've already put my makeup on and what the heck
took my dad's 'gedabak' camera n start camwhoring..hehehe
4)he was really really really late...
asar pun dah masuk, clear my make up and prayed
then terus rasa malas nak dress up dah...jeans tshirt n light makeup
5) he said 'i almost arrived!!' and but then he get lost!!
(aiyah..salah masuk jalan), so i decided to wash my car
and fed my fishes
6) went to ikano n had 'char kuew teow'!
i want nothing except char kuew teow because i've been craving to eat it
(can anyone tell me where can i find the best char kuew teow in town?)
7) get called from my sis, ada durian kat umah!
so we drive back as quickly as we can...DURIAN TIME!! hehe
8) and now i just got back from sunway damansara
with my family , had our supper n now i'm ready for bed
so, that's it..chillaxing dull life
how's your day girls, hope is better than mine

Monday, April 12, 2010

Jujuwiwitata`s Birthday Dinner!!

theme : color pop
where : Fullhouse , Jalan Yap Kwan Peng

blue top : old blossom box
tutu skirt :
black clutch : nose
faux leather leggings : nanba street, japan
hairband : Forever 21
shoes : esperanza

can u spot my bulu mata cap Daiso 100yen..hheeh

my super sweet love love

Last night was awesome when 6 'kipochi' girls met up at Fullhouse KL
for Juwita's birthday dinner party ^o^
can u believe it, the last time 6 of us met up was a year ago!
since now everyone are already back for good
we will now have lots n lots of time to hang up together :)
anyway happy bday ju, hope u like the present and that delicious cuppies

cuppies n balloons

the birthday girl!!
Happy 25th Birthday Darling!
suku abad dah yang..hehe
i love u foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr hommie!!

Wedding Dinner

Gladiator heels : esperanza
Purple Dress : one utama
clutch : late mom`s
white pearl earings : late mom's
white flower : DIY (ikea deco, i cut the flower off..hehe)

my bun from side

view from back

went to Azlin's wedding dinner last Saturday (congrats darling)
with my other BBGSians :)

we look so matured (yup cuz we r already 25..waaa)

love love love

and there she is on her solemnization day....beautiful azlin


Friday, April 9, 2010

The perfect vacation : Athens and Santorini island, Greece

GREECE..its a place i never thought i would go someday
but i did n i'm soooo flattered :)
since a little girl i always adore Hercules to be my super hero!
to came here and see with my own eyes
their heritage, museums, and their super handsome Greek guy
really made my vacation!
we went for cruising around athens, flew to Santorini Island
shopping all the way and
had the "best" food which i got food poisoned for 3 days...
(terpaksa mkn julap..hehe)

at last im here...ACROPOLIS!!!

the ......,,, haha i totally forgot the name :p
our cruise :)

pit stop at hydra village during my one day cruise around athens

super cool view at Santorini Island

at the top of the world ..hehe

superb nice view!

hotel where i stayed :)
keluar2 bilik terus lompat dlm pool..heheh

sunset in satorini island

muka nervous tgkp gmbar with handsome huk huk greek guy..hhehehe

more pictures at my fb :)


Thursday, April 8, 2010

The perfect vacation : DUBAI

i love this turban n i love to see pak arab who wear it!!
(ask my dad how crazy i am!!..haha)

hi girls..
im back from my super perfect vacation
these are few of my pictures in Dubai
i wanna upload more but my line is soooo bad (tenet msia..huhu)
n it takes years to upload even 1 picture!

my vacation is a gift from my dad for my graduation
really love Dubai for its building n structure..totally superb!!
but its hard to find their local people anywhere because
there are only 10-20% locals n the rest are foreigners
so u can see lots of difference faces here which i hope
i can see more `pak arab` with their turban..heheh

my mr. camel

ride a boat with en.nasir

real mr. camel n me..hihi

had dinner with my childhood long lost friend
apparently she works at Jumeirah Hotel where i stayed :)
what a coincidence!!..hehe

belly dancing is a must in Dubai!!

marc by marc jacobs in jawi..super coolness..hehe

the tallest tower in Dubai : Burj Al