Sunday, January 31, 2010

Craving for...

exam just stay at home n study
perhaps no `what i wear today` post
for dis whole week..
but i wont stop blogging..hehe..
dis are da things im craving for..

pic taken frm other bloggers site

im craving for acid wash jeans
really 80`s chic n so damn cool rite now
its hard to find dis jeans if u live in yamanashi T_T
hmm maybe i try to DIY
**beli pencuci clorox kut..hehe**

Top : Moschino Cheap & Chic Patent Oxford $140
Bottom : Dolce Vita Stella Oxford $450

Booties Oxford shoes have been in my wishlist
since forever..i did found booties dat really nice
but yet it beyond my bajet or its pig lining

Dis type of booties have it own statement
its shows masculine n feminine chic at da same time
u can pair it with both pants n skirt
ohh n if u choose black or brown
u even can wear it for work!

dats all for today
**dah ummi..stop study (T_T)**


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shopping Rules

`if u cant choose which one to buy,
buy ALL of them`

`its better to regret after
u bought something

then regret cuz not buying it`

`girls will never
have too much shoes`

Quiche on Saturday Nite

salmon n tuna Quiche~~
after 5 years i`m in Japan, i never know theres
a restaurant serve da best Quicheeeeeee..haihh~~

us enjoying our saturday nite with peace n calm way
** tanda-tanda ketuaan kah? :P **

dessert for suree~
tiramisu for me, choc foundue for chiemi

black fedora - unbranded
grey stud tshirt - unbranded
navy cardigan- forever 21
knitted jacket - forever 21
black pants - uniqlo
booties - forever 21
bag - nina ricci

sori for da same jeans like the other post,
but i cant help it to wear it every now n then
cuz its comfy n really fit me well
chillax mode tonite n quite lazy to dress up
so grey,navy blue ,black combo for today

ohh yeah i just bought my new fedora for 580¥(rm25)
lucky me again!

Friday, January 29, 2010

between salads n sexy

i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee dis CM
makes me wanna eat salad rite dis moment..haha
I`m Kim Kardashian biggest fan since forever
her sense in fashion are always fabulous n gorgeous!!

owh i want dat grey die for...waaa

Thursday, January 28, 2010

red ribbon

hi peeps..have i told u where i do my part time job?
nway i work at GEOS こども英会話 (Kids English School)
apparently i`m a assistant manager
my job is easy..**sit down n being pretty** :P
no arr..actually my responsibilies are handout flyers to people,
an interpreter (english-japanese) so parents can understand more
wut their kids are learning..yeah sumtin like dat
n oh , i also have to decorate class, notice board n etc
really have fun working here cuz all da kids are adorable!

i did dis, deco for valentine

n i did dis too..^0^

and dis is my super cute manager, chiemi chan~~
really cool n ladylike, we straightly become gfs
n oh yeah her english is sooo good
nice to hv japanese fren who can speak english
**tak la berbelit2 my lidah ckp japanese je**

nway dis is wut i wore for today work

closer look , floral purple skirt
really love da details ^0^

red ribbon frm forever 21 `happy bag`


black blazer - online boutique
floral print skirt - forever 21
red booties - esperanza
cream blouse - unbranded
red ribbon - ribbon ikat hadiah ..hehe

dats all for now
have a nice weekendddddddddddd


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

its raining its pouring

pic taken frm : who what wear

green jacket - G.A.P
plaid shirt - flea market, Curve
purple skirt - Honeys
hosiery - tutuanna
knitted choc beret - Zara

`its raining its pouring` da old man is snoring..(lagu time tadika)
whenever its raining
i alwiz sing dis song,sumthing to cheer me up
nothing much today, its so windy n cold,
went to library n cracks my brain out
yess..exam is everyone enemy! (T_T)

today i decided to play with color
green + purple combo..wut do u think?
actually its been a year i didnt wear my purple skirt
cuz my closet is such a mess n totally forgot about it! :P
maybe its time to tidy up!heheh

n oh yeah.. today i signed in for hawaian dance class
its start next month n i cant wait to try it out
maybe i`ve to find hula skirt then..weeeeee

k c ya next time


Monday, January 25, 2010

Geek girl in high school plaid skirt

pic taken frm : who what wear

white blouse -G.A.P
navy blue cardigan - Honeys
grey plaid skirt - earth n music (japan local brand)
grey booties - Forever 21

i think plaid have been in every pretty girls (yes..u!) closet
since Gossip Girl started it all
i dont know why when everytime i wear my plaid skirt
i feel brilliant..hahah (sgt apakah??) :p
today i combine it with navy blue high school cardigan
and white top from G.A.P
another 1 week to final exam..maybe i wear dis skirt
everyday then..hahahha.,^0^

p/s love to see high school girls in japan wear their uniform
**napa msia x cmtu kan**

Saturday, January 23, 2010

80`s chic Grey blazer

pic taken from : who what wear

grey blazer - forever 21
jeans - uniqlo
black hairband - forever 21
black boots - unbranded

try to DIY my black jeans by ripped it here n there
so it can look more chic but i failed +_+!
now its like 2,3 big holes bitten by mr. rats or sumthin..huuuu
wut do u think? is it ok..? hahah
n oh yeah i love my new grey blazer
grab it frm forever 21
when it on sale! (1000¥ = rm40 aprox)
lucky me..
so dats all for today..hv a nice weekend :)


Thursday, January 21, 2010


pic taken frm : who what wear

pink hairband - Forever 21
blouse - Pageboy
skirt - Earth n Music
purple hosiery - tutuanna
boots - unbranded

i love when mr.sunshine is out n today temperature is 13degree.
thou is still winter n mostly people wear one tone color
i decided to play with color n florals ^0^
grab dis blouse from
Pageboy (japan`s brand)
when it was 60% sale

p/s ohh yeah, bright colors makes me happy ^o^
see..big smile on my face

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

have problem with ur comment?

thx for da feedbacks n comments via ym n fb.
means alot to me:D
**kiss kiss**
if u hv problem to drop comment on my page
sumhow i realise u have to click
**choose profile**
click * name/url*
copy paste ur fb/myspace etc profile url
n tadaaaaaaaaaa ...its done
tq peeps
much loveeee


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

rolled cuffs boyfren pants

Blue blouse - GAP
Grey Pants - Azly`s pants ^0^

Boyfren pants have been my favourite cuz its simple
n u can wear it on lazy weekend but still wanna look chic
but today instead wearing mine
i wore my boyfren(azly) pants..hehe
its quite big thou but say thank u
to mr.belt cuz keep my pants stay where they are..haha
so just rolled up ur pants n wear it with high heels
n u good to go..
have a nice day ppl :D

out to library

long black jacket - Private beach ?? (haha...unbranded)
socks n legging - Tutuanna

my exam is around da corner..
but im still chillax n do nothing..haha **bad ummi**
but today i decided to go to library
n squeeezeeee my brain a little bit
its quite windy these day
so i wore my black long jacket pair it with
high skool pattern grey socks + black leggings.
wish me luck in my study..*amin* :D

p/s i dooooooooooooo need new camera..
mine is too old..
i want more $$$$$$..hehehhe

Friday, January 15, 2010

Red LiPs

Lady Bug Red Lipstick - M.A.C
Shades - Rayban

Between girl@my school bag or me have better red lip?
vote now!..(kidding)
im sooo into red lipstick now..since i saw my gf aimi wore it
i felt in love at da first sight. its gorgeous n it does give a big impact for ur whole appearance. make sure to lighten up ur eye make up so u dont look tacky or zombie like dis..hehe


Saturday, January 2, 2010

happy new year 2010

blair gossip girl inspiration hat -forever 21
booties - forever 21
grey coat - forever 21
Michael Jackson`s inspiration dress - forever 21

hope dis year will bring luck to u all :)