Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ohh i miss you...

i miss you girls alott....
i miss blogging
i miss dress up
i miss high heels
i miss dating
i miss chilaxxing with my girls
i miss shopping
i miss doing nothing
i miss my real clothes
i miss my last month life
i miss travelling
all because my work life is hectic right now
its so stressful n lots things to learn in short time
and when the weekend come
i just too tired to dress up and just wear my jeggings n simple top
but..this is life babe!!
but thing that make me go ga ga everynight is
True Fitness!!
apparently my trainer told me that im OBESEEEE!!! whaattttttt....
so ......EVERYDAY after work i will rush to gym
work my ass out and skip dinner (n yes trainers kat situ dah muak ngn muka i
hari2 datang :P)
so far after 2 weeks, i can see some changes esp on my hip n waist :))
my time frame is 5 months!!
so we'll see bout dat...hehehe
wish me luck k
k, thats all
p/s curi2 masa kat ofis tulis blog...heheheheheh



omg. mesti u akan kurus nanti! hehe

Elle said...

Ummi..r working in japanese company? seems like the phrase "i miss my high heels" is familiar...haha neway this is eliyana...

juwitajalil said...

babe, your pics during the fashion show is on my fb ady. can curi!

ummi nasir said...

zafirah ; haha tula if i x kurus x tau la yang
elle ; haha yup japanese company.. i can wear high heels but i yg takmo nnti penattttttttttt terus moody xleh keja ..haha
juju; thanks dear