Sunday, May 9, 2010


top : Spray
jacket : flea market, curve
jeggings : uniqlo
handbag : harrods
belt : zara
heels : online boutique

hi girlsssssssssssssss
miss u girls so much...i've been sooooo busy since i started working last week
i miss blogging, checking my fb, chillaxing doing nothing..sighhh
so far my job functions are really toughhhhhhh..its all about import, sales, vendor blah2
and its gonna be tougher and tougher....sighhhh

so for me to release and let go my tension
i go to true fitness every single day!!!
i do really forget all the hectic day at work and totally
have fun working out with my sister..haha
mostly we'll be there bout 2 hours working our ass off..:))
my target : kim kardashians in 5 months!!
ohhh i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee my gym

ohh today, my sis n i went to one utama
to watch Iron Man 2....i should said is rather boringggggg.huhuhu

love love this shoes
beige and stud really match up :)

k thats all,



aiko kato said...

as always...cantek..;))

yanny said...

Umi! like the shoes!

Any plans to drop by Old Blossom this Sat 22nd tak?

ummi nasir said...

aiko ; thanks
yanny ; thanks dear,, ada apa kat old blossom on 22nd. i pun dah lama tak shopping sana!! ohh myyy i miss my hobby!!!