Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another Lucky Day :)

black dress : unbranded
accessories : Forever 21

My lucky day started around 2pm when my sister and i
received a call from my dad that we're going to
Siti Nurhaliza n Kris Dayanti showcase dinner!! weee

I heard that the cheapest ticket was 365Rm and its happened
that my dad's company was one of the major sponsor
and thats why he got 2 extra ticket for both of us....(LUCKY NO 1) ticket :)))))

At first my sis n i had to sit separately from my dad because
of course he had to with others VIP and our table were like far behind.
All we can see were people in front of us and t iny tiny Siti n KD

Then my dad called n said there were 2 extra chairs
at the VIP table!! weeeeeeee..

see...sangat2 dekat ngn stage :)) (LUCKY no 2)

As usual their performance were amazing!!
i must admit Siti n KD have really great voice

after the show end, we got backstage passes
to meet KD n Siti (LUCKY no 3)


i won lucky draw too!! (LUCKY no 4)
i received perfume set from Lanvin Paris...thank you!!
(other lucky draw winner won Rizalman dress
and Rafflesia necklace each worth 5k!!!! huuuuu jealoussss)

really enjoyed my night
thankssss ayah :)))))




omg. i suka citi. bestnya !!! m jealous yg teramat. hehe. lucky lucky you tau.. :)

shea said...

omg bestnya u got lucky 4 times in a row!

juwitajalil said...

Loving the black dress.