Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My sayangsssss

lace navy blue top : orion street, japan
jeans : uniqlo
pumps : nanba street
purse : nose
hairband : Forever 21
bracelet : Forever 21

jiran sebelah taman :)

me , mot n juju
missing : liyana, liz n izyan

minah bunga n si hidung kembang

Yeayyyy... i met my sayangsss today at the Curve
we laughed (perut joke..haha) + gossiped and cam whoring
juju n i went to little penang cafe for our dinner
i had assam laksa n super delicious cendol
since im too hungry i totally forgot to take my food pics
mot joined us after that..she rushed from her office
just to meet us here..tqqqq darlinggggg :)
then we decided to have our coffee time at the Garden
and continued our girly session..hheheh

really had blast tonight..tq girls
we didnt stay until midnight cuz my girls have work tomorrow.
but for me,i can still golek2 lagi..heheh

p/s to ms.liz yg masuk hutan, dr.liyana yg bz like a bee
n izyan kun yg belum smpi2 msia...cepat2 ketemuan yeaaa..rindu bangats!

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juwitajalil said...

Had a blast with my lovelies last night. Waiting for the rest. Perhaps after you come back from Greece. Nak satu BF boleh?