Friday, March 12, 2010

Gypsy girl lost in snow

Maxi dress -unbranded
Pink floral cardigan - Forever 21
Hairclip - Forever 21
Boots - unbranded

i`m actually standing in the middle of sawah padi
which totally covered with snow
spectacular view n i really love it :)
gonna miss this 4 seasons country


aiko kato said...

omg umi...sgt cantik tmpat tuh!!!n yes..u are pretty as well!! ur dress honey!!

ashieBee said...

nice maxi dress! and tak sejuk keeeeeee? hehehee

ummi nasir said...

aiko : cantikkan view padi tu if la msia cmtu gak.. hehe.
ashibee: thx hun.. owh x sejuk sgt quite warm dat time :)