Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nippon Vacation

Hi back from my spring vacation
We really had a blast exploring kobe,osaka n kyoto in this cold weather!
its supposed to be my late mom n dad honeymoon vacation
since mama passed away last august, ayah decided
for all of us had this vacation together..
i love my family n tq for coming guys :)

p.s we shopped alot!! like realllyyyyyy alot!!
5 days of shopping spree..awesomee!hehe
i purchased few tops,shoes n pants...
will show them on my next post :)

I already start packing all my clothes n stuffs to send
back to Malaysia, n now i keep wearing the same outfit
again n maybe no 'what i wear today' post in this time around :( huhu
cant wait to step my feet in hot sunny country next week!
(im gonna miss japan badly... 5 years in japan is not enough!!)


aiko kato said...

seronoknya!!family dtg...i wish i cud go honeymoon in japan..hehe...

ummi nasir said...

yesss..sgt best..please dtg utk sakan..hehe

Anonymous said...

ummiii!!!sgt rindukan nihon bila baca entry ko..huhuhu
rindu lepak2 macam dulu..gelak tak hengat doniaa!!!

dartdadada said...

ummi...when is the date?i balik this 21st..

ummi nasir said...

ezzat : tu arr..taknak balik jgk msia..nak lepak japan je!! shopping only bukan study..hehehe dart : ohh i balik tu balik awal sbb dia nak kaf alif wau nun,,,hehe omedetou!!

shea said...

wow! looks like u had so much fun! bestnyee! :)

yang bergusar said...

cantiknye your pictures :P

ummi nasir said...

shea : yess..totally fun..hehhe

yang bergusar : yeaa saya tau sbb anda yg menangkapnyer.:p