Monday, March 15, 2010

Spinning n twirling makes me dizzy *__*

Floral print dress : Vintage
Green stripes pumps : unbranded
socks : tutuanna
hairband : Forever 21
Black Satin glove : Forever 21

my first vintage floral prints dress
i bought it for only 400yen (16rm) at vintage boutique
the combination between pink+green+blue colors
really captured my eyes :)
and combined it with my green stripes pumps
(fashion said that flower+stripes combo are so IN right now) i just tried it out
nway this is my last week in japan
n im so thrill to get back home to face the reality
as much i love japan, malaysia is still in my heart
*chewah chewah* (craving msian foods je semanya :p)


shea said...

oving the whole look!!
so sweeeeeett :)

ummi nasir said...

hihihi tq dear :)


agree!!! fresh look! :)

juwitajalil said...

very pretty!

ummi nasir said...

fira,juju : thanks..hehe