Friday, April 16, 2010

Bored ~_~

pink ice-cream tshirt : ZARA trf
bracelets : Forever 21

today i'm so bored n got nothing to do
and these what i did for today:
1)woke up and there were nothing to eat n straight away
went to buy nasi lemak soya sotong..heaven~~
2)mr bf. promised to pick me up around 3.30pm for tea
but he was like 1.5 hours late due to heavy traffic at MRR2
3)i've already put my makeup on and what the heck
took my dad's 'gedabak' camera n start camwhoring..hehehe
4)he was really really really late...
asar pun dah masuk, clear my make up and prayed
then terus rasa malas nak dress up dah...jeans tshirt n light makeup
5) he said 'i almost arrived!!' and but then he get lost!!
(aiyah..salah masuk jalan), so i decided to wash my car
and fed my fishes
6) went to ikano n had 'char kuew teow'!
i want nothing except char kuew teow because i've been craving to eat it
(can anyone tell me where can i find the best char kuew teow in town?)
7) get called from my sis, ada durian kat umah!
so we drive back as quickly as we can...DURIAN TIME!! hehe
8) and now i just got back from sunway damansara
with my family , had our supper n now i'm ready for bed
so, that's it..chillaxing dull life
how's your day girls, hope is better than mine


juwitajalil said...

i'll bring you eat char keau teow soon!

iMe said...

Mali's Corner, Danau Kota !!

aiko kato said...

dear..y la u so pretty..kamu sgt fotogenik..suka!!huhu~

Crystal Hew said...

hey ummi!! found your blog and just dropping a hello :)

ummi nasir said...

ju: jomm iMe ; i know dat place, nnti i nk gi try hehe aiko ; thanks darling Crystal: hai darling!!

dib said...

ummi,kt nz wangsa melawati pn mantap jgk!