Thursday, April 8, 2010

The perfect vacation : DUBAI

i love this turban n i love to see pak arab who wear it!!
(ask my dad how crazy i am!!..haha)

hi girls..
im back from my super perfect vacation
these are few of my pictures in Dubai
i wanna upload more but my line is soooo bad (tenet msia..huhu)
n it takes years to upload even 1 picture!

my vacation is a gift from my dad for my graduation
really love Dubai for its building n structure..totally superb!!
but its hard to find their local people anywhere because
there are only 10-20% locals n the rest are foreigners
so u can see lots of difference faces here which i hope
i can see more `pak arab` with their turban..heheh

my mr. camel

ride a boat with en.nasir

real mr. camel n me..hihi

had dinner with my childhood long lost friend
apparently she works at Jumeirah Hotel where i stayed :)
what a coincidence!!..hehe

belly dancing is a must in Dubai!!

marc by marc jacobs in jawi..super coolness..hehe

the tallest tower in Dubai : Burj Al


shea said...

suka first image!

ummi nasir said...

hihi tq minah arab sesat..:p