Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Seduction Color

shocking pink top : old blossom box
pencil skirt : ZARA
do you think this shocking pink color
will bring luck for my interview this friday? haha
nahhhh.. i dont think so im gonna wear this..too much of seduction i guess :P
bought this top at jazmine blossom last week
n i fell in love with this color the moment i saw it
plus the ribbon and cut off sleeve to give an extra 'gaga' effect to this top..hehe
ohh... please vote:
a) put my hair into bun
b) or let down my hair?

and i just bought this help book..heheheheh

ok now..its time for me to study and learn more
about this "steel nippon" company...tadaaaaa

love ,

p/s : sooo happy because i still can fit into my pencil skirt
*i thought dah bunnnnnciiitt cuz ate too much char kuew teow..hehe**


Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

The outfit is great for a job interview, I don't think bright pink is a colour I can pull off but it really does look good on you. I think you should wear your hair up for a job interview.

Nicole Jarecz said...

its very cute! but it might be a little too pink for an interview, but i say wear your hair down

shea said...

i think u can just wear pink for ur interview as the top looks quite formal,u should just be urself kan :)
hair down..maybe add a clip on ur fringe ke..hehe..

ummi nasir said...

thanks girls for ur opinions..hehehe

aiko kato said...

gud luck in ur interview!!wow...i love pencil skirt...u shud wear that skirt for ur interview...oo..i love ur hair down btw~

yanny said...

hair down!=))) *hands down*


cute blog!good job!
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