Sunday, April 4, 2010

News from Greece

Hi girls!!! miss me? haha ;p
i'm now blogging from Santorini Island, Greece
and i wanna say this ;
This place is so heaven!!!!!!!! haha

No picture to show u girls because i'm using their internet
n i dunno how to upload pictures from here..hahah(everything in Greek lol)
Santorini island is where the mamma mia movie was shot
and i'm so excited because its always be my dream to be here!!
Everything are just perfect, the sunset, local foods, shopping and
their local men, very huk huk handsome looking guy...waaaaa cair sudahhh!
(ju n liz... nnti yea i try to fit them in my luggage for u girls..hhaha)

My journey starts when i arrived Dubai last week, its supposed to be just our
transit destination, but my dad wanna us to spend 2 days here before we fly to Athens.
After spending 2 days there we flew to Athens, Greece
and visited all the historical places like Acropolis n musuem
(pictures will upload later )
n now im in this beautiful island chillaxing n relaxing
gonna sit by the pool reading my sophie kinsella book later..hehe
hope its not so windy n cold today
n yes...i can see mr. sunshine outside my window!!

so, have a good day everyone!