Friday, April 9, 2010

The perfect vacation : Athens and Santorini island, Greece

GREECE..its a place i never thought i would go someday
but i did n i'm soooo flattered :)
since a little girl i always adore Hercules to be my super hero!
to came here and see with my own eyes
their heritage, museums, and their super handsome Greek guy
really made my vacation!
we went for cruising around athens, flew to Santorini Island
shopping all the way and
had the "best" food which i got food poisoned for 3 days...
(terpaksa mkn julap..hehe)

at last im here...ACROPOLIS!!!

the ......,,, haha i totally forgot the name :p
our cruise :)

pit stop at hydra village during my one day cruise around athens

super cool view at Santorini Island

at the top of the world ..hehe

superb nice view!

hotel where i stayed :)
keluar2 bilik terus lompat dlm pool..heheh

sunset in satorini island

muka nervous tgkp gmbar with handsome huk huk greek guy..hhehehe

more pictures at my fb :)




omg. this is so nice. i wish i can go there too... :)

ummi nasir said...

yupp u should go too..worth it every penny..:)

yanny said...

Umi! super love your hat and cardi! Glad you had fun!

juwitajalil said...

I see something I like ;p

aiko kato said...

ummi..wahh..greek guy itu sungguh yummy!!LOL~
honeymoon nk pi greece laa...hehe..~