Monday, January 25, 2010

Geek girl in high school plaid skirt

pic taken frm : who what wear

white blouse -G.A.P
navy blue cardigan - Honeys
grey plaid skirt - earth n music (japan local brand)
grey booties - Forever 21

i think plaid have been in every pretty girls (yes..u!) closet
since Gossip Girl started it all
i dont know why when everytime i wear my plaid skirt
i feel brilliant..hahah (sgt apakah??) :p
today i combine it with navy blue high school cardigan
and white top from G.A.P
another 1 week to final exam..maybe i wear dis skirt
everyday then..hahahha.,^0^

p/s love to see high school girls in japan wear their uniform
**napa msia x cmtu kan**


saien said...

love the cardigan

juwitajalil said...

loving the cardigan. but why does it look brown in the picture? serious i want your cardigan pls!

ummi nasir said...

thx juju...very high skool nyer cardigan..haha..ohh ya blame my camera..sgt nyett.dats why i want new one but no moneyy lorrhh..hiihi

Anonymous said...

great blog.
boleh buat apply column kat cleo la lepas ni.
mesti hot!
keep up the good work. :)