Tuesday, January 19, 2010

rolled cuffs boyfren pants

Blue blouse - GAP
Grey Pants - Azly`s pants ^0^

Boyfren pants have been my favourite cuz its simple
n u can wear it on lazy weekend but still wanna look chic
but today instead wearing mine
i wore my boyfren(azly) pants..hehe
its quite big thou but say thank u
to mr.belt cuz keep my pants stay where they are..haha
so just rolled up ur pants n wear it with high heels
n u good to go..
have a nice day ppl :D


Anonymous said...

simple is the best!

dartdadada said...

me too!!!

ummi nasir said...

b: okie..is dat wut u want.hahah
dart : best kan...hehehhe

Ha said...

i like dis bebeh! it looks nice n chic too.. ;)

ashieBee said...

nice one :) simple! but i was just wondering, would wearing pumps/flats work with that rolled pants?

ummi nasir said...

both works for rolled pants..depends on u
but for me i love wear it with pumps cuz i wanna look taller..hehe (im quite short)

Anonymous said...