Thursday, January 21, 2010


pic taken frm : who what wear

pink hairband - Forever 21
blouse - Pageboy
skirt - Earth n Music
purple hosiery - tutuanna
boots - unbranded

i love when mr.sunshine is out n today temperature is 13degree.
thou is still winter n mostly people wear one tone color
i decided to play with color n florals ^0^
grab dis blouse from
Pageboy (japan`s brand)
when it was 60% sale

p/s ohh yeah, bright colors makes me happy ^o^
see..big smile on my face


juwitajalil said...

i love love love the top!
oh yes, u linked my page tu my online shop.
my personal blog is

sho said...

i punnnnnn!!
floral pink top tu sgt chanteksss!

Ha said...

yesS..Love d top! very sweet n LOvely.