Wednesday, January 27, 2010

its raining its pouring

pic taken frm : who what wear

green jacket - G.A.P
plaid shirt - flea market, Curve
purple skirt - Honeys
hosiery - tutuanna
knitted choc beret - Zara

`its raining its pouring` da old man is snoring..(lagu time tadika)
whenever its raining
i alwiz sing dis song,sumthing to cheer me up
nothing much today, its so windy n cold,
went to library n cracks my brain out
yess..exam is everyone enemy! (T_T)

today i decided to play with color
green + purple combo..wut do u think?
actually its been a year i didnt wear my purple skirt
cuz my closet is such a mess n totally forgot about it! :P
maybe its time to tidy up!heheh

n oh yeah.. today i signed in for hawaian dance class
its start next month n i cant wait to try it out
maybe i`ve to find hula skirt then..weeeeee

k c ya next time



::izyan sho:: said...

cheer up!
Checkered shirt sgt lawa :)

saien said...

yeah,nice shirt;)

aiko kato said... ur fashion awareness...nice~keep it up babe..;)

ummi nasir said...

sho , saien : tq tq..cari kat flea market, curve tu b4 fly japan..haha
aiko : thx darling :)

ashieBee said...

nice combo :))