Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shopping Rules

`if u cant choose which one to buy,
buy ALL of them`

`its better to regret after
u bought something

then regret cuz not buying it`

`girls will never
have too much shoes`


ashieBee said...

hahaha but the boys will never agree to that :P well not my boyfriend la. he'll be like, berapa pasang kaki you ade? or berapa banyak handbag u bole carry? rofl.

but i definitely like the rule! if only the purse in the pocket agrees to it too :S

ummi nasir said...

hahahaha..totally! even my bf said so..but we still dun care rite..hehe

dartdadada said...

dah lama mengamalkan petua "buy ALL of them" hahahha

aiko kato said...

OO...I am 110% agree with u!!girls will never have enough bags as well...let just keep on spending..hehe!!~

ummi nasir said...

dart : hahaha i mayou 2 skirt orange or yellow..kasi angkut dua2 dakara..daijobuss
aiko : all da way..wee