Saturday, January 23, 2010

80`s chic Grey blazer

pic taken from : who what wear

grey blazer - forever 21
jeans - uniqlo
black hairband - forever 21
black boots - unbranded

try to DIY my black jeans by ripped it here n there
so it can look more chic but i failed +_+!
now its like 2,3 big holes bitten by mr. rats or sumthin..huuuu
wut do u think? is it ok..? hahah
n oh yeah i love my new grey blazer
grab it frm forever 21
when it on sale! (1000¥ = rm40 aprox)
lucky me..
so dats all for today..hv a nice weekend :)



sho said...

hoah! u potong sendiri ke? hebatsss!!

ummi nasir said...

yupppp amik gunting snap snap..hahah
tp lama2 ok la pulak..haha

ummi nasir said...

comments frm my

s3r3nity on January 24
great blazer, girl!

nennen35 on January 24
nice blazer and good jeans! love the ripped detail

starshipnarcissus on January 24
Cute! totally 80's.

IandW on January 24
gr8 look dig ther torn jean look you are sporting

thx girls..

saien said...


Ha said...

i LOove d blazer ummi..nice..n d creative u.. ;)