Sunday, January 31, 2010

Craving for...

exam just stay at home n study
perhaps no `what i wear today` post
for dis whole week..
but i wont stop blogging..hehe..
dis are da things im craving for..

pic taken frm other bloggers site

im craving for acid wash jeans
really 80`s chic n so damn cool rite now
its hard to find dis jeans if u live in yamanashi T_T
hmm maybe i try to DIY
**beli pencuci clorox kut..hehe**

Top : Moschino Cheap & Chic Patent Oxford $140
Bottom : Dolce Vita Stella Oxford $450

Booties Oxford shoes have been in my wishlist
since forever..i did found booties dat really nice
but yet it beyond my bajet or its pig lining

Dis type of booties have it own statement
its shows masculine n feminine chic at da same time
u can pair it with both pants n skirt
ohh n if u choose black or brown
u even can wear it for work!

dats all for today
**dah ummi..stop study (T_T)**



dartdadada said...

aiyoooo i want it tooo!!!

aiko kato said...

ummi..acid wash jeans sgt la byk kt topshop!!pi carik!!

ummi nasir said...

haha..i knowwwww..da problem is topshop ada kat tokyo je..n my place punya lah like beribu2 batu jauhnyer..hahahaha..its ok sabar2 tggu cuti i gi terus beli..heeh

moon said... wearing acid wash jeans right now. sebijik gile ngan the pic.lalaala...lalala

ummi nasir said...

moon darling..i know u have it!!! gedushhhhhhhhhh...haha