Thursday, January 28, 2010

red ribbon

hi peeps..have i told u where i do my part time job?
nway i work at GEOS こども英会話 (Kids English School)
apparently i`m a assistant manager
my job is easy..**sit down n being pretty** :P
no arr..actually my responsibilies are handout flyers to people,
an interpreter (english-japanese) so parents can understand more
wut their kids are learning..yeah sumtin like dat
n oh , i also have to decorate class, notice board n etc
really have fun working here cuz all da kids are adorable!

i did dis, deco for valentine

n i did dis too..^0^

and dis is my super cute manager, chiemi chan~~
really cool n ladylike, we straightly become gfs
n oh yeah her english is sooo good
nice to hv japanese fren who can speak english
**tak la berbelit2 my lidah ckp japanese je**

nway dis is wut i wore for today work

closer look , floral purple skirt
really love da details ^0^

red ribbon frm forever 21 `happy bag`


black blazer - online boutique
floral print skirt - forever 21
red booties - esperanza
cream blouse - unbranded
red ribbon - ribbon ikat hadiah ..hehe

dats all for now
have a nice weekendddddddddddd



saien said...

power office girl ;p

ummi nasir said...

message frm my fashion chitopians community :
Love your skirt. And I really like how you paired the red ribbon with red shoes. Everything is just perfect. Voted :)......
great look,love the ribbon.... touchreminds me of gossip girl. I love your scarf it looks great with your skirt

Ha said...

Kawaii...totally agreed! the outfits are just perfect. Red ribbon tu cam kenal jee...haha :P mmg sgt creative la u ummi!

Ha said...

p/s: i really adore ur floral i boleh? wahhaha :P heheheh