Saturday, February 27, 2010

stripes , sakura & mascara ku

Red n grey stripes - GAP
orange skirt - earth and music
hosiery - tutanna
oxford boots - Lepsim

Hai girls...Happy Saturday!!
went out with my lovely girls, shopping n relaxing
**soul therapy perhaps..hehhe**
nothing much today n no idea what to wear
because i already start packing my `lautan clothes/shoes/bags`
to send home, Malaysia

owh ya..i really love this Magnum Volume Mascara from Maybelline
i used to wear this branded mascara (brand dirahsiakan :p)
but i must say this Maybelline mascara really
make my lash longer n more volume!
i`m not a fan before but right now maybe i`m gonna change
my mascara to this brand forever
plus its soooooooooo much cheaper than the other brand
i used to more hole in my pocket :)))

oh n for lipstick n eyeliner..i still love M.A.C
im wearing `half n half` by M.AC in this picture

**thou tutup mata pun still `terangkat` bulu mata..haha**

sakura frappucino n sakura cake
from starbux..they said its limited only in Japan
not to sweet n rasanyer seperti anda sedang
berada di awan-awangan or like
duduk di bawah pokok sakura sambil berangan n menikmati
keindahan sakura gitu..hahahha what i mean..
mcm tu la kesedepannya :))
but guys said they dont like it because rasanyer
like `rasa perempuan`..hmmmm..apakah? hahahha

k dats all for now
happy weekend :))



Anastasia said...

Классная тушь, у мня такая же!!!!
А коктейль так красиво выглядит!!!! мммм.....

shea said...

hye dear!
thanx 4 dropping by at my blog :)
ur so stylish urself!
n living in JAPAN?suwiiitttt!!
(the country is in my wishlist..hehe)
nway,slmt bknln :)