Friday, February 5, 2010

My first Miss C***H :))))))

before that, `what i wear today` post

White blouse -Uniqlo
Skirt - Earth n Music
Scarf -Tie Rack, my mom`s
hosiery - tutuanna
white pumps - unbranded
Ribbon Hairclip - Forever 21

oh first ever Miss C****
its vintage n i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it
my Miss C**** is purely pearl white :)))

i know i know u girls had ur Ms. C**** like zillion years ago
hehe..but me, reasons i didnt buy it because
1. i cant afford it
2. i cant AFFORD it

so today i went to vintage shop for window shopping
but suddenly my heart stop pounding ...
the moment
i saw dis beautiful white pearl bag smilling n waving to me
asking me to hole her..
i cant resist the softness of her leather and her vintage smell

i saw da price n goshh...can i afford to buy it?..
i called my bf to asked his opinion n he just said `ambik je yang`!!
haha..n da next thing i know `ok i take this`!

i decided to pay with my mr.card
this is what happened
me : カードでも大丈夫ですか?(Can i pay with credit card)
counter : 大丈夫よ。一回払いでよろしいですか (Sure!)

counter : ごめんなさい、できないです(Sorry,DECLINE!!)
やっぱりできないです(Yup, totally DECLINE!!)
** teringat mcm cite Shopaholic scene cdt card dia kner decline
time nak beli green scarf tu ..hahaha**

me : n i like whatttttttttttt...i did pay last month bill!!
okk i pay with cash then T_T

*maka duit utk minggu ni telah abih digunakan utk
sebuah beg vintage bernama miss C****

nway i`m happy thou..
**oh yea duit dah abih, now boleh ganti puasa tanpa berbuka **

My first ever vintage pearl white Miss C**** :))))))))))


::izyan sho:: said...


loveee the outfit very very very much! esp. the scarf.AND UMMI!!!

i nk tarikkk telinga you!!


aiko kato said...

ehh..can i have ur bag???
nice one!!!nice outfit!

ummi nasir said...

izyan : cubit..ittaiiiyo ha: my skirt ada jual kat ClaY.x tau la nagoaka ada ke tak..hehe aiko: u nak my bag...? abih nnti i xde la..hehehhe