Thursday, February 25, 2010

First day of spring with harem pants

Harem pants - earth n music
green blazer- GAP
polka dots shirt -vintage
shoes - esperanza

I watched news and they said that today is the first day of spring
weeeeeeeeeee...but as much as i love spring,
i will get running nose n sneeze every morning due to kafunsho(hay fever)
but its ok, i love warm+cold weather like today (19 degree)
owh i just got my harem pants pair it with my favourite green blazer
n polka dot shirt :)

p/s i dah reti gulung2 rmbut sendiri..yeaaaaaa
thx to youtube:)))



izzati said...

polka dot itu chomel :)

Dirty Hair Halo said...

sweet harem pants, those are hard to pull off!


u have ur own style too!! go go harem! :)

ummi nasir said...

thanks girls for your lovely comments :))