Friday, February 12, 2010


pink scarf - unbranded
pink hairband - Forever 21
navy blue cardigan- Forever 21
black skirt- earth and music
white blouse - G.A.P
hosiery - tutuanna

if u think what u wear its quite dull or boring
just pair them with bright colors or accessories
simple right..hehe

**if tyra banks see this picture, maybe she will say
Ummi! u loosing ur neck!..haha**

tiny floral it

ohh Vday its 2 days away n every year i always
made a home-made chocolates to people i love
(nak kasi bos, sensei, and aya chan)
this year is more like simple and low budget chocolates
hehe..i dont believe in Vday actually but the `chocolate fever`
in japan makes me wanna celebrate it too..hahah
(yup, Vday in japan is more like `kebanjiran choc di pasaran jepun`:p)

**thou rupa dia x cantik,but it taste so good :P**

*wrap it with hello kitty wrapper*

and taraaaaaaaa....siap! 愛情たっぷり!!

**ni masa budget buat choc cantik je..haha**

p/s 1. enjoy your chocolates with sparkling grape! terbaik!!!!

p/s 2. cik bf, b nyer mi buat special yea nnti.. =P


Anonymous said...

haishh..tuk org2 malaysia kt yamanashi xde ke??hahah...joking~

Mila said...

Great outfit!
Also,I loveeee bows :)