Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lovely Farewell

Floral print dress - Forever 21
red jacket - vintage
red boots - esperanza

last saturday was my last day at my part time job
and i had a very warm lovely farewell from my officemates
its was two days on a row i ate a big portion of foods!!
n im so bloated right now...heaven foods :)

chemi n i went again to our favourite quiche restaurant, mone
for my 2nd farewell/girls night out.
then we went for a movie (Valentines Day)

maya n chiemi played with their super big nan

Farewell party at indian restaurant

warm lovely messages from my officemates..thanks :)


Anna said...

So sweet farewell party. Love your outfit. You are so cute!

aiko kato said... dear..the shoes is killing me..mahu!!

ummi nasir said...

heheh tq girls.. aiko : yea sila cari di msia mesti adanye..hehe