Sunday, February 14, 2010

Me in next 5 years?

photographed by : haris ghazalli

green blouse - Forever 21
yellow skirt - earth n music
handbag - vintage
shoes- esperanza
belt -Forever 21

with nana chan!
she is so adorable :D the moment i hold her i had a vision
of me in next 5 years! hahahhah..
can i still pampere myself with kids around..hahah
**p/s cik bf, pressure shinai de ne..huhu**

with my favourite "OLE" junior..heheh OLEEEEE**

to juniors : thanks for last night farewell party..
i totally enjoyed myself last night!!


marumaruchan said...

macam hollywood celebs with their kids!!

nice :)

aiko kato said...

ummi..bag itu sgt classic..i loike...kenapa women perlu byk handbag??i hav no answer for that....;))

June Paski said...

love ur dress, sangat comel!


saien said...

love this make up...everytime ;)

Audrey J. said...

oh you're really pretty! do you seriously see your self in5 yrs with a kid? you're so young... lovely blog, would you mind to take a look of mine?

ummi nasir said...

zana,june, b : thankssss :)) aiko: girls never have enough handbag..hehe audrey: ohh thanks, nway i`m 24 already..perhaps by 30 i have a kid maybe..hehehehhehe