Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ohh Happy Day!

pic taken from http://www.chictopia.com

I`m so happy today because my picture
had been chosen as
Favourite Photo of This Week by Chictopia.com
for my "Spring on my skirt" post
yeayyyyyyyyy! :)))))

Though its just a `small` title but i really
feel very honoured because i`m still new in this thing
really make my day...yeay for me..hehehe:p

n oh yeah for today post

grey blazer - Forever 21
White yellow dress - Forever 21
Belt- forever 21
hosiery - tutanna

i really love to play with color when i dress up
last time i wore my blazer with pants n today
i decided to pair it with my 399 yen (RM16) :P dress from Forever 21



Ha said...

LOve the outfit. especially the dress...LOvely.. ;)

dartdadada said...

congrats umiiiiii!

mori said...

ummi, syaza here.
rm16 for the dress??????? murahnyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kat sana. isk.isk.

ummi nasir said...

ha & dart : tq tq tq tq shaza : yupp sgt murah bler sale..boleh jadi gler..hehe

dartdadada said...

omg ummi i baru beli shoes n then tgk ur today's post exactly the same!haha sory lah..guzen~ tp u punya surely branded :p

ummi nasir said...

yeayyyy sama.i x kesah pun sama..haha..ohh tak branded pun cap LEPSIM je..sekali sama kedai kut u..heheh

aiko kato said...

UMI...nape F21 stuff kt sana murah???
sgt jeles.....xpuas hatinya....huu~

ummi nasir said...

yupp murah..masa tu sale bayangkan shoes jadi 99yen= Rm3!!! crazyyy..but i x smpat abih cepat sgt

moon said...

hey melampau murah nye forever21 kat sana.melampau2!