Thursday, February 11, 2010

oh my Carla Bruni

Ohhh i really hearttttttttt Carla Bruni
especially this song..its really romantic thou i dont understand a word
She is so pretty n her voice is stunning..
Carla Bruni is an Italian born on December 23, 1968
she was a succesful model n singer who married to
French President, Nicholas Sarkozy..
owhhh Carla Bruni..teach me how to sing like u..:p


Cheyne and Cayla said...

I really like her too! And I just want to say you have a really nice blog, and your outfits are amazing! I'm a fan of colored tights so I find a lot of your outfits really really amazing.



nadyra said...

i dun think she is singing in that vdeo clip. she's like talking..ckp laju2. hahaha

ummi nasir said...

cheyne : tq hun! i love urs too :) nadyra: tu la..mcm ckp ala2 arab pun ada gak..hahah

nadyra said...

french maa..oh lupe plak ko blom gi france ek..hihihi..and it's carla bruni r. not carla burni..tettt

June Paski said...

shes so pretty and has amazing voice, and she make a history when she married french president!


dartdadada said...

hahaahaha. like nagging on something!but nice tho~

ummi nasir said...

june paski : yup she is so gorgeous dart: actually dia nagging nak choc i la dart..hahaha